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Journal: PLXtrum - realtime machine learning for predicting note onset

We built a system which is able to predict in realtime if there is a note coming within 50ms. (Patent pending)

Competition: 489th on Facebook hackercup

Stranded in the second round of the facebook hackercup for competitive programming. Got a T-shirt.

Research: Backpropagation through camera

We optimized a computer vision neural network by backpropagating through a camera.

Research: poster on Deep Reinforcement Learning Workshop at NIPS

I presented a poster on the differentiably physics engine, and got some useful advice.

Speaker: Critical Utopias - Cultural Discourse in the Digital Age

I was invited as technology expert to talk with designers and journalists at the design museum in Helsinki, Finland.

Paper: A Differentiable Physics Engine for Deep Learning in Robotics

We wrote a framework to differentiate through physics and show that this makes training deep learned controllers for robotics remarkably fast and straightforward.

Award: Best poster award at Benelearn conference

Prof. Jeffrey Ullman awarded me a best poster award at the Belgian-Dutch conference on Machine learning.

Activism: Pirate Party polls at 1.8%

Pirate Party Belgium is on the rise again!

Speaker: the 3rd Data Science Ghent Meetup - Jonas Degrave

Deep learning. What? How? Why? -- How to use deep learning to win Kaggle competitions (+Video).

Activism: Camping on roof of an arms factory

Protesting against weapons export from Belgium, requesting to embargo Saudi Arabia for bombarding Yemen.

Speaker: Does Artificial Intelligence understand Culture made by Real Intelligence?

I gave a talk on the relationship between AI and Art at iMal in Brussels (+Video).

Competition: Diagnosing Heart Diseases with Deep Neural Networks

We won $50.000 for a second place on Kaggle's Data Science Bowl.

Tutorial: Python-twitch-stream Tutorial

A tutorial to interact with Twitch using python

Art: LSD-net presented at Art Festival

@Speculum Artium, Trbovlje, Slovenia

Research: LSD-net was featured in the New Scientist

and other media, like the Guardian, der Spiegel and Atlas Obscura

Research: Interactive Deep Neural Net Hallucinations (+source code)

Large Scale Deep Neural Net visualizing top level features

Art: LSD neural net

Large Scale Deep Neural Net visualizing top level features

Research: Embodied gait on a quadrupedal robot

Real time transfer learning from an open loop robot controller to a closed loop neural network.

Competition: Wins a kaggle competition

With our lab, we won the 100.000$ prize for classifying plankton using deep learning.

Journal: transfer learning in robotics

My research on using transfer learning for legged robots got published.

Research: Successfully defended his research to the European Commission

In Bielefeld, we successfully presented our research on the Oncilla robot for AMARSi to the European commission.

Research: The Oncilla robot, walking autonomously

Setup of the Oncilla walking on the treadmill filled with pebbles

Paper: (Robio) techniques for trotting and turning

My paper on comparing different techniques for trotting and turning got accepted for the Robio conference.

Paper: (ICMLA) Terrain Classification

My paper on classifying terrain using the sensors on a quadrupedal robot, got accepted to the ICMLA conference.

Research: Gets an IWT grant for four more years

I found funding to continue my Phd after the end of the Amarsi project.

Research: Phd on the AMARSi project

I start my Phd working on the Amarsi Project, more specifically on the quadruped robot 'Oncilla'